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How Portable Toilets Work?
How Portable Toilets Work?

How Portable Toilets Work?

Portable Toilets are mandatory requirements in several occasions, Such as Construction sites, outdoor events, deserts constructions and camping. We  can find several options in portable toilets such as  Basic portable toilets to self contained units. Here are some examples you might be interested.

Portable HDPE Toilets with Flush and Hand Wash

Ecomate Portable HDPE Toilets are widely used for different occasions and construction sites. Steel skid base and double skin walls are the main feature of these toilets. Buyer can enjoy the maximum usages with minimum water consumption.

We all know in large construction site and gatherings required good quality products and  chances of breakage  is very high, ecomate portable toilets ensure the unbreakable hand wash sink and toilets WC . The chances breakage is zero. Most of the event experts and constructors choosing our toilets because of its easy installation and mobilization / demobilization process. Easy to carry and rear side gate valve is an extra advantage.

Portable HDPE Toilets / Sewer Connect

Some events and construction sites have water facilities and sewage lines ready to connect.

Ecomate Portable Toilets helps our customers to supply  sewer connect toilets for their requirements. Mostly this type of units used for tallest building constructions.  Workers who do their job in big building constructers can use the toilet and shower facility in each  5 floors, so the company can save more employees time and avoid frequent use of man lift and time consumption by each users. Large events gatherings might have more usage of toilets and showers, frequently calling cleaning tanker is an hassles for the event management companies, they can save the cost cleaning tankers by providing proper sewer line connections.

Container Ablution Units

Most of the petroleum constructions, Marine construction, road construction companies have lot of man power in sites . Single Portable toilets not good enough for large numbers of workers, Ecomate container ablution units helps our customers to buy or rent our container ablution units for their fecility.2000 gallon sewage tank capacity and 3000 gallon water tank capacity helps them to use more duration without any complications. Our Waste holding tank is constructed with GRP, Proper deodorization and chemical treatment prevents the smells and anti-bacterial processes.

We have to make sure all portable Toilets maintained and clean properly in regular intervals, if it is a construction site or events, Service technicians will arrive the site with high jet vacuum cleaning tankers. The cleaning tankers itself have sanitation portal and water tank, So it help to remove the waste from the toilets and fill with chemical and water inside the toilets.

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