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Additional Products

Additional Products

GRP Tanks

Ecomate International FZE is an established endeavor in the field of Composites Industry in UAE. The company is well known in the Design, Supply and Installation of superior quality GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) products are used for various applications or industries like Construction, Automobile, Chemical, Electrical and Power, Infrastructure, Water and Waste water treatment etc.

Gully Pots

We pride ourselves on our wide range of drainage solutions for our customers, fittings and drainage accessories always available in stock. Ecomate International having a bunch of happy customers who deals for their drainage solutions such as road bridge contractors, tunnel construction companies and harbor contractors. Please contact us for more information about our GRP GULLY POTS products.

Toilets De-Orderisations

The new ecomate biological enzymatic products represent a cutting-edge solution to grow in respect of the environment and of the community. Ecomate has developed innovative products of natural origin for the removal of odorous emissions and the treatment of portable restrooms. Thanks to the combined action of enzymes and selected microorganisms, the products act directly on odorous substances [..]

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