Ecomate International

Ecomate International is the middle east largest supplier of products to the portable toilet industry including GRP mobile toilets, Fiber portable toilets and pre-fabricated toilets customized according to the clients requirements. Ecomate International supplies portable toilets in UAE. Ecomate is headquartered in Paris, France and its Middle east headquarters is in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. In addition, there is an office/warehouse in Dubai, UK and, India.

For products, Ecomate has 10 models of portable restrooms ranging from standard to wheelchair accessible and various specialty models. Portable Toilets are available in GRP, Chemical Toilets flushing and non-flushing, shower models Etc. fully plumbed Customized Toilets with sewer tanks and urinal and wash stations. The company also offers a variety of squatting restrooms for markets in Asian countries.

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