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Custom Prefabricated Units


Over 10 years of experience in the research and development of innovative products for the Portable Sanitation Industry, Ecomate Portable Toilets has gained a worldwide reputation in over 12 countries for the reliability and value of its products. Extraordinary modern production technology, the combination of meticulously selected raw materials, a quality control system, the respect of safety and environmental standards together with the research of new innovative and creative products are ecomate portable toilets key factors.

This new line is a complete eco-friendly of products that represents our ambition to start a new phase in developing more upscale products thus continuing our philosophy of manufacturing reliable and affordable products for the Portable Sanitation Industry. With the same interior design and electronic mechanism, portable Prefabricated toilets contains inbuilt water tank and inbuilt holding tank with no visibility of the plumbing and electrical lines, we have manufacturing and promoting this products for all huge construction sites in Middle East and all over the world. Exterior cladding finish and interior super deluxe looks change the status of your company and morale of workers.

These toilets can be moved by any truck to any desired destination, at any point in time. Ecomate Portable Ablution Cabins also be customized sewer connect ready as well. It also has a built-in waste tank that can accommodate up to 1000+ users before it is full. PERFECT for any events,  construction sites.

Why Ecomate International Ablution Units?

Ecomate portable toilets and cabins are assembled using the best components and industry standards. Our modified containers in UAE based on construction projects, Easy to transport free offloading are major advantages. Clients can get ecomate portable toilets and ablution cabins from us in several specifications and dimensions depend upon the uses.  Ecomate cabins added with all sanitation features such as urinals, sink, mirrors, and electrical fittings that suit the wants of our customers.

As portable toilet manufacturers UAE, Ecomate Portable toilets and Cabins meet global hygiene standards. So, they have high demand in Middle East and Africa. At our advanced manufacturing division, the ablution unit is specifically designed using high-quality materials by our engineers. All ablution and portable cabins are field effective too.

Our Ablution units are corrosion-free, strong enough to manage large traffic, and tough for every weather condition of Middle East and Africa. Each manufacturing stages our cabins are highly checked and certified by our engineers.

We are ISO Certified Company for different quality management systems and standards, Our quality products and best after sales services is our motto.

Key features of the Modified Prefabricated Toilets:

  • Cladding sheet external and internal finish.
  • No visibility of plumbing connection.
  • Adjustable flushing water and Hand wash
  • Push button urinals and hand wash
  • Inbuilt unbreakable GRP Laminated water tank and holding tank
  • Self service machine to clean the toilets frequently when required.
  • Grill mounted steps for entry.
  • Electrical connections are not visible for users
  • Stainless steel WC keeps the toilet more hygienic.
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