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Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

Ecomate international features revolutionary portable toilet designs to go along with many standard features common in the industry. Ecomate International is the middle east largest manufacturer and suppliers of portable toilets mainly in UAE. Portable restrooms are normally bland and functional. Our portable toilets exude an uncommon flare, presenting a pleasant ambience to “fit” better into your event’s surroundings. They take the outdoor restroom experience to the next level. Get to know the Ecomate difference.

Ecomate Water Toilets

A unique combination of durability and comfort is why operators and end users have made Ecomate Water Toilets the most used restroom in the world.

By design, the Ecomate Water Toilets interior is built for user comfort. It has a spacious, well ventilated interior to reduce odors due to simple, yet important features. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents facilitate continuous air flow. The urinal drains down the vent pipe, which prevents unwanted tank odors from venting back into the cabana. The seat is positioned at the furthest point from the urinal, away from odor and user’s direct sight. There is also a convenient door hook to hang a purse or jacket. Together, these features produce a more comfortable, pleasant experience for the end user.

Operationally, the Ecomate Water Toilets is a low-maintenance, easy-to-service restroom with a long history of durability. Using fewer parts made from high density polyethylene, the Ecomate Water Toilets can withstand impact and abusive handling without cracking or breaking. The features which make the Ecomate Water Toilets easy to clean and service are the front sloping tank top, slightly domed floor and smooth, deep sumped tank. Adding slope to the tank and floor surface forces liquids to drain, not puddle, and the sumped tank improves deodorizer coverage and assures quick, complete waste removal.

  • Large 70 gallon sumped tank
  • Molded-in vent screens
  • Unbreakable corner construction
  • Unbreakable stand over urinal
  • Convenient door hook
  • Multiple flushing options

Eco Wave Waterless Toilets

The ECO WAVE WATERLESS TOILET is a real step ahead in the portable sanitation industry and Is the result of years of manufacturing experience. WAVE offers the maximum ease of use for its operator and design that shows ECO MATE’S eye for the details and for the needs of those in the portable toilets rental business.

We are using the most sophisticated and resistant materials which have been transformed highly precise production methods, and complain that with an engineering whose main objectives are ease of use, safety, and quality rapport for the operator of portable toilets.

ECO WAVE was specifically designed to have super-smooth surfaces which makes it easy to wash the walls are assembled using an overlapping system, hiding the reverts for better security and practically making the interior well finished and done with care.

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