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Ecomate Can Provide Emergency Toilets ASAP over Holy Ramadan
Ecomate Can Provide Emergency Toilets ASAP over Holy Ramadan

Ecomate Can Provide Emergency Toilets ASAP over Holy Ramadan

Ecomate Can Provide Emergency Toilets ASAP over Holy Ramadan

As it comes around to that time of year again, here at Eco mate portable toilets we’re left wondering. “What actually happened to this last year? Where did it go?” We have a pink yet super festive Ramadan in the office and as usual, we have the many extra calls we always get at this time of year, from local Ramadan events needing their portable toilet cover. While the festivities of Ramadan do tend to overshadow things, here at Eco mate we simply can’t seem to shake the devastation and destruction that’s been caused by Storm Desmond.

At such a tragic time of year, these floods have quite literally devastated people’s lives. From households and businesses to people’s private and supposedly most memorable moments, life has changed completely. The floods have left people not only without their homes at this special time of year, but it’s also left them without their belongings, including things that you simply cannot replace. On top of this, water supplies and sanitation facilities have been massively affected.

While the majority of us do our best to convince ourselves that this sort of thing won’t happen to us, with the climate change that’s now occurring and the recent Dubai Climate Conference taking place, it’s time to actually accept the fact that there may now be more of this coming our way. Sadly, telling ourselves that we’ll be fine just isn’t enough anymore and while a positive disposition is indeed the best at keeping spirits up, being prepared is a far better option. The people has now even commented on the fact that while spending more on Ramadan defenses will indeed reduce the risk of basic toilet needs over the next ten years, what it can’t do is eliminate them. With extreme events expected for the future, it’s time to consider contingency plans, not just for Ramadan but for all extreme events.

While we do indeed provide emergency toilets for Dubai Events and other such emergency services, we’re also available to do the same for you too. With such events taking place around us on a far more regular basis we think it’s time to look at contingency plans for such circumstances and here at Eco mate, we’d like to be yours. Whether it’s Ramadan that has left your business without sanitation facilities or perhaps you’ve simply lost the use of yours due to burst pipes in icy weather or even fire, here at eco mate, we can provide you with toilets and other such sanitation facilities almost immediately. For more information on the services, we can provide, call us now on 00971 67490494, 00971 544046489. We’re available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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