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Plastic Chemical Toilets

Plastic Chemical Toilets

When we do outdoor activities or working, It come physical problem. Where can we find the restrooms we locate mountains, high level, beach or public activities. Therefore, our portable chemical toilets unit is manufactured using virgin HDPE which is high density and anti-ultraviolet (UV) treatment. So, it is durable. Besides, it has a tissue dispenser, translucent roof with air vent. These features it is also equipped with self-closing door with indicator and latch. This exceptional portable chemical toilets has been provided for construction companies, rental business , official and special events etc.


Size : 44 x 48 x 88 inches / 111.8 x 121.9 x 223.5 cm
Material – High-density polyethylene.
Polyethylene – grade 4
Anti-UV treatment
Western type W/C- Straight drop.
Waste Holding tank- about 70 Gallon-265 Ltrs.
Water flush – Nill
Water tank – Nill
Tissue dispenser- Included
1 -Urinal
Translucent roof,
Self-closing door with latch & Indicator- Blue / Red
Weight – 164 lbs / 75 kg
Made in Europe.

Features :
1 Material: HDPE
2 It is efficient to place at the location where lack of water resources or/and labor force.
3 Well mobility depends on light weight
4 Environmental consciousness product (Eco-product).
5 It has good ventilation and a comfortable space.
6 Single-Layer
7 Safe door latch
8 Easy to clean and well drainage
9 Got Green Mark

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